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AIDS researched in secret U.S. goverment lab before the outbreak, Working AIDS Cure Invented 1996

"International Human Rights activist and HIV/AIDS Advocate, American Dr. Boyd E. Graves is the first Black African American HIV+ AIDS patient in the United States to have received the patented cure for AIDS, a one-time infusion called Tetrasil (U.S. Patent Number 5676977) in November 2001.

(Look it up at the US Patent and Trademark office.)

Since 1999, Dr. Graves has served the People as the Director for AIDS Concerns for the International Medical Research Foundation, Common Cause headquartered in Canada. 2007 marks six years since Dr. Graves' was given the one-time AIDS Cure infusion dose of Tetrasil to experience the total reversal of AIDS diagnosis and the return to good health without traditional ARV treatment (Anti-RetroViral), the AIDS industry's standard for modern HIV treatment.

Dr. Graves was released from HIV/AIDS care by his U.S. Veteran's Hospital physicians because other than minor ailments related to the aging process and some permanent damage caused by nine years of traditional HIV treatments, Dr. Graves' physicians report him in exceptionally good health.

The United States Special Virus Program (1962-1978) is a formerly secret federal virus development initiative to develop a contagious cancer that selectively kills based on genetic ethnic markers of the host. The U.S. Special Virus Program published 15 annual progress reports detailing the progression of manipulating animal viruses to infect human hosts.

The 1971 AIDS flowchart coordinates over 20,000 scientific papers and fifteen years of progress reports of a secret federal virus development program. The epidemiology of AIDS is an identical match to the "research logic" identified in the five section foldout. The flowchart is page 61 of Progress Report #8 (1971) of the Special Virus program of the United States of America.

The U.S. Special Virus Progress Reports represent 15 years of missing medical and scientific history. The progress reports detail every experiment, contract and accomplishment toward the government's search for their 'Special Virus'. While the U.S. Special Virus Program may be found in the World Catalog Database, finding the actual reports is a challenging occasion even for a professional researcher. Several copies of the U.S. Special Virus Progress Reports, we have recovered from university science library shelves; however, six of the reports remain 'missing' and even some of the nine copies known to exist at the National Cancer Institute's archives, have recently 'disappeared' from government shelves.

on July 18, 1983, Dr. Matthew Gonda provided Dr. Robert Gallo and the U.S. AIDS Task Force with the electron microscope proof that HIV had evolved from visna. See also, Science, Vol 227, pp. 173 –7, January 1985, PROC NAS VOl 83, pp. 4007 –11, June 1986, PROC NAS Vol 92, 3283 – 87, April 11, 1995.

HIV = MYCOPLASMA VISNA (Icelandic Sheep Disease)

Visna in U.S. Special Virus Program Progress Report #8

In that the particular strain of visna from 1932 (strain ks-1514), one can assume the United States and others have systemically worked to develop HIV/AIDS throughout the 20th Century."


U.S. Special Virus Documents: (click on the years)

direct url's to documents: s_report_4_1967_NIH_NCI_US.pdf (password: phasefive1978)

And Dr. Graves is certainly not the only person to bring this to peoples attention.

Professor Donald W. Scott’s statement on AIDS, September 21, 2005

"For ten years I, as the President of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, have led the study of the emergence of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) from a scientific and socio-political perspective. Our not-for-profit Foundation has established that this terrible plague is clearly the product of a conscious effort to reduce the population of certain Third World countries so that the natural resources of these countries may be more readily available to Western industrial nations. The evidence is compelling and is largely available if it is looked for in government sources and the scientific literature."

Dr. Mazlen
- "That's startling and very important. Just quickly, what is the story in terms of the AIDS virus as you see it?"

Don Scott
- "Well on June, 9th, 1969 Dr. Donald McArthur of Pentagon Biological Warfare research branch spoke to several congressmen in a top secret meeting and he told those congressmen if they voted him an additional 10 million dollars, the Pentagon would have within a 10 year period a new microorganism, one which does not naturally exist and for which, these are his words "no immunity could have been acquired." In other words, he promised the congressmen that if you give us 10 million dollars and 10 years we will give you the AIDS virus and you will be able to use that AIDS virus in strategic warfare, which means such things as reducing the population of certain target countries and that is in the hearings of June 9th, 1969 and that page is one of the pages that I will provide to anybody that wants to send me the $20 for the Brucellosis Triangle. I'll send them that page and I'll send them other relevant pages so they can see for themselves that AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome were both diseases that were engineered in biological warfare research laboratories. There's no doubt when you read these documents, which are government documents, achieved under freedom of information. "

- CFS Radio Program, Dec. 19th, 1999, Roger G. Mazlen, M.D. Host with Donald W. Scott

U.S. House Bill 15090

"The CIA's Top Secret PROJECT: MKNAOMI Discusses the CIA's BW operation. CIA Director William Colby's admission that the agency's interest in BW was for offensive uses during covert operations at the time the CIA was operating at full force in Zaire, Angola, and Sudan--ground zero for the AIDS and Ebola outbreaks--is documented. Nathan Gordon, Chief of the chemistry branch of the Technical Services Division of the CIA gave additional testimony of the agency's possible use of extensive virus stockpiles to assistant intelligence agency scientists in their work on mass immunization projects, vaccine development, and cancer research--exactly the work conducted by scientists at the NCI, including Robert Gallo, in association with Litton Bionetics in Bethesda and their affiliates in Uganda, and in cooperation with MSD, CDC, and New York collaborators.

Moreover, discussions focus on congressional testimony which documented that the CIA had, in fact, been receiving "deadly poison[s]" manufactured by the USPHS and delivered to Fort Detrick for use in human experiments and covert operations. "

- Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?, Leonard G. Horowitz

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